Go into the world….

Every month, we get an opportunity to share the gospel as a whole team. This month we set off to the same venture at a university here in Cape Town. This time around we used material I had never seen before, called a Soularium. It’s so insightful and we tend to get a lot of […]

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CrossRoads Boot Camp

“Before I teach about character, I feel like I should have good character myself.” One teacher cheerfully exclaimed.  She was convinced as I have always been, we need to build a good moral fibre in our youth. I had been  holding on this principle for seven years now. We have a responsibility towards our young […]

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New Staff Training 2.0

  Last year, we had an inaugural  two year New Staff Training, even though I am not new to Campus Crusade, please check out; New Staff Training for the not so new that I wrote last year.  This year was a continuation of where we left off last year. I learned the important ways in which […]

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Merry Christmas!

  Let’s savour the moment, let’s be enamoured Christ the Saviour is born The veil is torn Lives saved before even conceived As they come to believe About His loving grace We are all bound in a state Of awe, of love Of mystery, of opportunity Sin’s rug snapped right underneath Christ the Messiah relives

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Worth It

  Today I sat down for our weekly time together with one of the teachers that I meet with.  We both had tears running down our cheeks as she explained to me some of the issues that her students have to go through.  From molestation to physical abuse, to abortions ordered by parents. From parents […]

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The Consortium

“We needed such a meeting.” I thought to myself as we were embarking on a two hour drive to the Johannesburg airport. “We can now centralise information.”  I said again when asked how I found it.  It was indeed a needed time to  build capacity within ourselves and know what resources we have available in […]

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Miss, I got 95%

I had planned on another topic to write on.  And I was quite excited to share the wonderful news of what happened and what the Lord is busy doing. But then, yesterday, as we were about to start our session with the Kings Club, one of the boys said to me, “miss, I got 95% […]

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