We are Migrating!!!

    Did that get your attention? Good! The point was to get you interested,  but mostly share information about our latest software. In actual fact, we are migrating our software use to another software. The new software is supposed to have better capacity to help us keep track with you, our ministry partners. It [...]

Teacher Training

From the 26th-29th May, we had our Teacher Training in Worcester, Western Cape. We had 58 trainees who were school teachers, social workers and youth workers.  It was the first time we've had one since 2014. We were excited. We were relieved. We were thrilled.  We are looking forward to more. It was a great [...]

A challenge to the core

  We recently had our staff conference in Skogheim, Port Shepstone.  This is a time where we gather together as the team and celebrate achievements. This year was our 45th year celebration. Campus Crusade for Christ has been in existence in South Africa for 45 years. And thankfully, we had the couple who were responsible [...]