Leader Impact for the future!

It was a crisp weekend with the occasional rain in the evening.  So cold that we all needed to cover up whether we liked it or not. As chilled as the weather was, that could not stop us from having our planning weekend.  It was a first for our “department,” Leader Impact. There are several ministries that belong under this banner. We met to plan, correlate and collaborate for the future. It was inspiring. It was great. It brought hope. It brought enthusiasm.

With the plans laid out, we hope to have a successful ministry going forward under Campus Crusade with the rest of strategies. The message remains simple, evangelise and disciple. The methods keeps changing. We need relevance. We need to make sense. We would like to win people for the kingdom. We believe we have the resources and plans to achieve this. We know God is the ultimate missionary, we work under His inspiration and guidance, His Missio Dei. 

Let’s praise the Lord for structure in our organisation.

Let’s praise the Lord for His missionaries.

Let’s pray the we remain under His guidance always.



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