Teacher Training

From the 26th-29th May, we had our Teacher Training in Worcester, Western Cape. We had 58 trainees who were school teachers, social workers and youth workers.  It was the first time we’ve had one since 2014. We were excited. We were relieved. We were thrilled.  We are looking forward to more.

It was a great joy to watch as the participants were captivated by the training. And all of them are looking for ways to implement it in their spheres of influence. If anyone leaves the conference feeling like they have learned something they can implement, then our job is done.


I had my eyes set one lady, Lyndale. She contacted me last year about our training. We had no dates confirmed but she would contact me every second week to find out. We finally had our dates pinned down and she was the first one to register.  Before the training she ran a marathon which she broke her knee muscles. She said she was in excruciating pain and she will have to go to the doctor to see if she needs an operation/surgery. I was so surprised to see she was there, even though she could not be independent. And she came from Cape Town, which is an hour away.  I was totally blown away by that.  She is one person I plan on following up on.

Praise and Prayer Items

Praise God for our Teacher Training, it was a huge success.

Please pray for the following up of the trainees.

I would like to keep in touch with Lyndale, please pray for our communication.


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