A challenge to the core



We recently had our staff conference in Skogheim, Port Shepstone.  This is a time where we gather together as the team and celebrate achievements. This year was our 45th year celebration. Campus Crusade for Christ has been in existence in South Africa for 45 years. And thankfully, we had the couple who were responsible for starting the movement in South Africa with us at the celebration.  They shared how when it was started, there was nothing like it before. People were intrigued by the evangelism and discipleship phenomenon they jumped on the bandwagon.  It was exciting times in South Africa.


My take away from the conference is the challenge on transformational leadership and everything else we have known about how to reach people for the gospel.  For the longest time I have been aware of how things are changing. The generation that has basic Christian knowledge is dying out in society. We are being faced with more agnostic people than ever before. There is a blatant refusal to give respect to the sovereignty of God the Creator.

I knew something needed to change, couldn’t figure out what.  Then Ken Colchrum, one of the key speakers came along. Every session of his  was challenging. He talked about our need to change how ministry has been done before. What has been done worked, but changing with the times is important.  Its a week later after this conference and his words are still ringing in my ear.


I am challenged to see ministry very differently from now on. I am challenged to maintain relevance to my changing society, while sharing the good news of Christ!

Prayer and Praise Reports

Praise the Lord for a successful conference.

Praise the Lord for the relevant speakers who ministered to us.

Please pray for relevance in our ministry.


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