The King’s Club

I was asked to lead a group of young men in one of the high schools in Cape Town.  When this challenge was posed to me;  my first reaction was the hills. I’m a female, I grew up without a father figure; what could I possibly teach to young adolescent boys? These were the thoughts running through my head. As much as I tried to run away, but, being convinced of the fact that I am the right person for the task through other mediums; I finally took the challenge on.

Still shaky and not knowing how to proceed, I had my first lesson. I was alone in the room with them. They paid so much attention you could hear the pin drop. They followed my instructions well I was quite glad they did. At the end of the class one of the teachers of the school came in to give me a class list. Upon entering he uttered these words to two of the boys; “You shouldn’t be here, you are the good boys.” It dawned on me that this was the class for the school rebels.  “For rebels they did pretty good.” I thought to myself.

I have continued for four weeks with the boys, and each time I’ve had with them has been great. More importantly, I can see that they are learning. This has taught me one thing; just because one does not look like they can do the job doesn’t mean they can’t.  I am truly blessed by my time at the King’s Club. Before we depart every time, we have a chant just to encourage them to be the best men of their society, thus changing the trajectory of young man’s life.

Praise and Prayer Reports

Praise the Lord for the new King’s Club.

Please pray for the young men to encounter the character trait of Jesus and want to be like Him.

Please pray for more opportunities like these in the Western Cape.



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