My Delight!!!

It was a reunion to remember. I had my time with the Girls of God this past Friday(17 Feb ). It was so great and fun to be with them. We talked about how we entered 2017 and what we are grateful for this year.

One of the girls mentioned that she’s grateful that she can meet with us at least once before she and her family relocates. That got me thinking about the relocation of the girls. They are being relocated to another township. Everyone of them in their neighbourhood with their whole families.

We decided that even though they are being moved to another area we will still continue with our gatherings. It was a relief to know that we can.

Praise and Prayer Reports 

  • Praise the Lord for another year to influence to the Girls Of God.
  • Please pray for the logistics in moving, this will greatly affect everyone when it comes to school, they have to take public transport to school now.
  • There are three girls in Grade 12 the final year of high school, this has a potential of being traumatic, please pray for the smooth transition for them.

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