New Staff Training for the not so new

The New Staff Training Team in Pretoria

On the 16th-20th January, Campus Crusade for Christ held a new staff training in the headquarters,  Pretoria. There were about 16 candidates for the training, and of course, I was one of them. You are probably wondering; haven’t I been with Crusade a lot longer to be partaking in this endeavour? And the answer is yes. I in fact, have been working for Campus Crusade for 6 years. I had never attended new staff training, but because; I have been made the Western Cape coordinator the our ministry strategy, CrossRoads; the requirement for one to be in such a  position is that they need to complete  new staff training.

It was enriching. It was refreshing. It was a great opportunity to meet all the new staff from around the country. I am looking forward to having more opportunities with the new staff and continue in ministry with them.

Praise/Prayer Reports

Praise the Lord for a successful training.

Please pray for the support of all the new staff as they start to raise their finances.


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