Sporting Brands

You may be wondering what do sporting brands have in common with my ministry. My answer would have been; nothing. But, I have come to realise that we can’t rule everything out when we engage with young people. So, my creativity was put to the test when I had to give a motivational talk to Grade 11s before their exam. Let me also mention that this talk was very much impromptu. Like, I found out five minutes before the talk that I was giving a talk.  I had to think creatively and fast. So I landed on the sporting brands as my basis for my talk.

Adidas – “Find Focus” 

Some of the learners know what they want to be when they finish school. Some don’t. Finding focus is that time when you tune in to you passions, your desires and goals. Finding focus can also mean that you tune out the noise that is peer pressure, negativity and laziness that can drag you down.

Puma – ” Forever Faster” 

Usain Bolt is a legend. He holds a record for winning gold medals in 3 Olympic Games and he’s only 30. No one has done this before and possibly no one will do it in our lifetime. He worked hard to be where he is. He didn’t focus on the distractions. Instead, he created a legacy of excellence. With this the students get to learn about hard work and perseverance. Once you find that focus, you put in work so that you can achieve your goals.

Nike – “Just Do It”

It’s hard, it’s tough and it looks like it can never be done. But just do it. People don’t do it because they are afraid of failure. You will never know how much you can achieve until you take the risks. The richest place on earth is the graveyard. It’s full of dreams not realised and not achieved.

I reminded the students that they need to find their focus, work hard at to create a legacy of excellence and just do it. In that way they can be the best they can be. But, we can also apply this in our very own lives. Don’t you think?

Praise and prayer Items

Praise the Lord for a fruitful year of ministry.

Praise the Lord for partners like you who make it possible to do this work.

Praise the Lord what’s to come next year.

Please pray for another year of Godly ministry.




2 thoughts on “Sporting Brands

  1. Dear Nyameka

    What a wonderfully inspired way to get the message across! Like Jesus said, we are to use even Mammon towards His purposes.

    With love

    Brink and Alet Gardner

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