World Wide Day Of Prayer


It’s a life changing event,  I ponder on these words every time I go to our prayer event.  This year was no different. So in our binneal event , the whole Campus Crusade for Christ staff, all twenty five thousand of them from across the globe, gather to pray for the ministries they are currently involved in their countries. We had our event on the 4th October. And it was done in style at a nature reserve.

One inspiring prayer request was from a ministry in the United States, they are trusting the Lord to raise fifteen million dollars by April next year,  That is what I call ridiculous faith. I do know that the Lord can do it. I also know that He wants to do it. The biggest challenge is always with people whether they believe the Lord can do it or not. But, this ministry is solely dependent on the sovereignty of God.

I am so grateful to be part of this movement, where we trust the Lord for every move we make and He has been faithful thus far.  With that same faith I trust that I will be back to 100% in my support goal. I have lost a few supporters in the last few months.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that I gain the supporters that I have lost in the last three months. I have lost six ministry partners.


4 thoughts on “World Wide Day Of Prayer

  1. Dear Nyameka

    Thanks for the update, and especially for sharing about the US ministry’s ridiculous faith 🙂 I am trusting God with you in a much smaller faith for the financial support that you need.

    By the way, is your phone number still 061 426 1621? We might contact you in the first week of January for a coffee and chat.

    With lots of love

    Alet Gardner

    The Coach House Forge Lane Shorne Kent DA12 3DP

    +44 1474 822 435 home +44 7725 034 108 mobile/cellphone

  2. Hello Tannie Alet, yes that’s my tablet number. You can either Skype me or messenger call so that I can get ready. Alternatively, I will message you my cell number

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