Trainer of Trainers

I recently went through a three month theory pre-requisite for the training, concluding with a nine day training at Witbank in the Mpumalanga province.  It was both a Teacher’s Training and Training for me to be a Trainer of Trainers. Three months later, I left Mpumalanga with a certificate.


At the Teacher’s Training, I was very inspired by a teacher who had been in the profession for two years. She went to one of our trainings in 2015 at the recommendation of her brother.

Because of her, twenty eight teachers and youth workers and including one police officer converged in Mpumalanga  for a Teacher’s Training. She’s an unassuming young woman who you wouldn’t think to take a lead at first glance, but because she went a training that changed her life and she wanted other professionals to experience what she did; she invited people from three different provinces in the country.

I was inspired by her tenacity to take that initiative and follow through with it. As a result, we have received very positive reviews on the training, with a few teachers planning on joining CrossRoads in the future.

Praise and Prayer Reports

Thank the Lord for twenty eight newly trained teacher and youth workers and the police officer.

Please pray for a good follow up strategy for us at Mpumalanga province.


3 thoughts on “Trainer of Trainers

  1. This is wonderful news Nyameka. Keep up the good work! Every blessing

    Brink and Alet

  2. Wow Nyamz, you are such a blessing! We love watching God bring His Kingdom in and through you!

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