Miss, I know the answer!!!

2016-04-12 12.02.14.jpg2016-04-12 12.02.17.jpg

I have had the pleasure of showing the Jesus Film to one of my schools.  It is indeed the most satisfying feeling when you spot a young teenage boy who thinks of himself as the coolest kid at school raise his hand so quick as to not give another an opportunity when you ask questions about Jesus.  “Miss, I know the answer.” The boy screamed.  Not only this boy was happy to answer but most students in class were quite happy.

I see this as a breakthrough. I have been teaching at schools for almost five years now and I always see learners who want to be known as cool cats and the most famous at school. Usually this is for the wrong reasons. I was totally blown away when these students who are in my class, some of them clearly falling in this category but embracing a teaching about Jesus.

Praise and Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord for the breakthrough with the Grade 11 learners.

Please pray that they continue to yearn to learn about Jesus.

Please pray for more opportunities to share with learners.


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