Zi-right i-girls????

“Zi-right i-girls?” It’s a slang that I use when I talk to my girls, Girls of God. It’s been over a month since I have seen them. I was away for work and came back and got sick. The whole thing ended up being about five weeks away.  I missed them and it was certainly refreshing for me to spend some time with them before the school holiday is over.  They bring joy to my heart. We do Bible Study together and I try to instil biblical knowledge and truth, they teach me about life. So it’s a great exchange. And I love it.

Earlier on in the year I had given them a challenge. I asked them to invite friends over to our time together. For over four years we maintained the same faces in the group. I liked it because it was helping to shape them. But, we needed to move from being a bubble within the community. They took my challenge very seriously. We keep on having continuous growth in the group. Last week two girls brought three new friends. Our group hasn’t stopped growing. The Lord is faithful.

Praise and Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord for the growth in our girls group.

Please pray that the Lord sends someone to work alongside me with the girls, the number is too big.

Please pray for their spiritual growth and continued good character development.


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