What do I say????

2016-05-03 10.19.31At school….

One thing that I make a point of is to write my newsletters creatively. Obviously, there’s a lot that happens over a month but I choose one story for you to read about. As it’s my tradition, I was thinking over what story to write and I was having a writer’s block, or so to speak. I was weary of giving just an update. I wanted to give something that encouraged me. But alas, I had nothing to show.  The month was going by. Fast.

It wasn’t until this past Monday that something extraordinary happened in one of my classes. I was giving a class but for some strange reason I thought I was running out of time, so I hurried so that I could get through everything.  I had three Baptist Seminary students who were shadowing me for the day. I let them know that the bell is going to go off any minute. Then suddenly, “No miss, you still have 10 minutes.” The school kids let me know. So to fill up the remainder of the time I asked the Seminary students to share their testimonies. Afterwards, a boy sitting in front asked if I was saved. I told him I am. The school kids asked questions about the Bible and we explained everything they asked. By now the bell should have rung but it hadn’t. So the boy said again; “Miss, you can do the altar call now.” I ignore his request, while answering their questions.

After noticing the tangible presence of the Lord I decided to do as he said. I explained to the kids that it was their choice and they were not forced to pray [the sinner’s prayer] with me. But as I prayed I noticed that about half of the class was praying. I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged. But, as the Lord would have it, the bell rang as soon as I was done praying.

Praise and Prayer Requests

Thank the Lord what He has done.

Please pray for more opportunities like this one.

Please pray for the kids to grow spiritually.



3 thoughts on “What do I say????

  1. That’s amazing! Praise God for these youngsters that have chosen to follow Him. I pray that they will grow in knowing Him and be all that they were created to be. I also pray for wisdom for you in your interactions with them.

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