Girls of God

2016-03-18 16.38.43.jpg

“Do you have any friends that you can invite to GOG?” I said in early February to the girls. “Yes.” They said. “Then feel free to invite them to our session next time.” I urged.  Their response to my challenge was encouraging.  At that age it’s a tricky thing to invite your friends to a Bible study. It seems uncool. I wanted them to share what they were getting so their friends or acquaintances were welcome.

So the following week I had pamphlets ready for them to distribute. And distribute they did. I didn’t expect to have our numbers doubled the following time we met.  To my pleasant surprise, the girls came the first week. And they came again. So in a space of a month; our numbers for girls of God has doubled. So much so, that I have to separate the groups.  I have the older Girls an hour before to talk about being a life ready woman. We are busy with the book of 1 Timothy with the younger ones.  I’m enjoying getting to know the girls. I love that the old ones are helping in accommodating the new ones.


This ministry with girls from ages twelve to eighteen has now grown so much and I am looking forward to how things are going to turn out for the future. It’s really amazing.

Praise and prayer reports

Praise God for the new girls.

Please pray for wisdom as to how I can move forward with training the old ones for leadership in the group.

I would like to plan an event with them for the 27th April, please pray for finances.



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