Cute Girls

An older picture of the girls that  we took in 2013.
An older picture of the girls that we took in 2013.

“I like to laugh and my family thinks I love food,” said Mihlali one of the girls from Bekele.  This was during a session where I asked the girls to give a view of themselves and how everyone sees them. She’s a bit timid and would never look at a person directly when she talks to them; especially an older person. She is tall and skinny, a bit tall for her at age 13. She reminds me so much of myself. I was just like her at her age. It is for this reason that I work with the girls at Bekele. They are full of potential. They get influences from everywhere; the good and the bad. It becomes our responsibility (with my colleagues) to make sure we put in the positive influence in their lives.

One of my colleague has moved back to the States so she has left me in charge of the programme at Bekele. I was fine with the idea until we had our first gathering without her that it hit me so hard. I am now responsible for the future of the programming there. I decide on the topics and direction. It got me so hard I became emotional. It is tall order for me. I love being there. I love the girls and I enjoy my time with them.  When she left it meant I have to look at things with a different eye from now onwards.   Please pray for me.

Praise and prayer reports

Praise the Lord for an opportunity to be a leader of the youth group at Bekele.

Please pray that I am obedient to the Lord as I lead them.


2 thoughts on “Cute Girls

  1. What a wonderful opportunity, Nyameka! May the God of 2 Tim 1:7 use you greatly! Alet and Brink

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