I have to read 804 pagess in two weeks. At this point I am done with 530. Hard work!!!
I have to read 804 pagess in two weeks. At this point I am done with 530. Hard work!!!

Allow me to ask you something. Have you ever thought about your legacy? Have you ever thought about what people will say when you are no longer on this earth? Will they say; she stood for that or he represented this? I am not asking because I would like to judge and give you a perfect score.  I am asking because this very enormous question was brought to my mental capacity very recently.

You see, I am taking a course called Church History and to realise the amount of effort and dedication from our church fathers to preserve what we now call the Bible was really great.  It never occurred to me that the Bible was once a collection of separated books until I heard about how Martin Luther’s life was changed when he picked up the book of Romans. Interesting isn’t it?  This same man, or because of his stature can I call him figure? Thanks. This same figure is responsible for challenging the papacy of the 16th century. He protested that righteousness and salvation of man came by faith alone, contrary to what the papal decree of the pope as having authority cancel man’s sin.

It is because of these passionate people who laboured tirelessly for 20 centuries to bring to us Biblical truths and doctrines that we are glad about our heritage.  We can all be grateful to our church fathers because our Bibles are in one piece.  Sixty six books together. And we can page whenever we want, wherever we want. I am just jotting down my thoughts on a page.

Praise and Prayer reports 

Thank the Lord for His servants who have laboured tirelessly throughout history.

Please pray that we (the children of God) steward His Word well and not abuse it for our own purposes.


2 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. What a wonderful legacy Luther left behind! May I be able to take a bold stand when necessary.

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