High School Outreach!

with the 5 boys in my group!
with the 5 boys in my group!
The prayer coordinator for Hindle High School
The prayer coordinator for Hindle High School

“I was born saved.” One of the boys in my discussion group said. “I am saved because I go to prayer every week.” Another one said. And, all of the boys told me they are saved because they are part of a prayer group. This was not new to me, as I have heard people say that they are Christian because they go to church.  It was great to be part of an opportunity to give them a chance to talk about Christ and His plan for their lives.

Those conversations took place during our last month’s outreach. This time around it was at the school that we teach CrossRoads at. The school combined with another school that I taught at a couple of years ago. In total there were four schools gathered as one of our colleagues shared her testimony.

I shared the Four Spiritual Laws with the boys. When I shared about how God loves them they were taken aback. They loved hearing it but they could not imagine a sovereign God loving them. They are from one of the most violent townships in Cape Town. Experiencing love on a daily basis is something they are not used to. And based on that very fact, all of the boys indicated to me that they wanted to accept Jesus in their lives. I prayed with them the prayer to receive Christ.

Praise and Prayer reports

  • Praise the Lord for these young boys’ lives that have changed.
  • Praise God that they now know they have eternal life.
  • Please pray for their continued spiritual growth.

4 thoughts on “High School Outreach!

  1. Nyameka, this is such a special report! May God give growth in each of those young hearts and bless family and communities through them. Kind regards

    Brink and Alet Gardner

    The Coach House Forge Lane Shorne Kent DA12 3DP

    +44 1474 822 435 home +44 7725 034 108 mobile/cellphone

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