In front of the Jameson Hall at UCT
In front of the Jameson Hall at UCT
Iconic buildings
Iconic buildings

It is always a trip that is filled with wonderful stories when we go to the University of Cape Town (UCT). Either one of us, or most of us will have a story that is so jaw dropping that it sounds totally unbelievable. You see, the climate in UCT is very much intellectual. It becomes such a challenge to engage the students spiritually. But, there was a different twist this month when we had our monthly evangelism. On the 25th February, we set for UCT in sharing our faith with the students. As usual, we went out in twos, partnering with each other.

As we walked around looking for opportunities to talk to students, I spotted a young woman in a green dress. She was sitting alone and was disengaged with what was happening around her. I asked if she would like to have a chat with us and she immediately said yes. “I know about Jesus. My family goes to church every week and I grew up through the ranks of Sunday school and youth.” She answered my question about her Christian experience differently than I expected. I proceeded to share the gospel using our booklet; she kept on looking around as if was afraid someone might show up and disturb us. I got to a point where I asked if she wanted to receive Christ. “Give me the book and I will read it.,” she said quickly. “I have to go now.” Then she disappeared into the crowd of students.

Sue, my partner for sharing that day, said she didn’t think the lady was interested in conversation. I said I thought differently. In the years I have been going to UCT, this is the first time I had a talk with someone who had a foundation of church and knew that she needed to accept Christ. Yes, she rushed me to finish our conversation. Yes, she disappeared quicker than I could say bye. But of all the conversations I had, she is the one I have the most hope she will have a change of heart.

Praise and Prayer Reports

Thank the Lord for the opportunity to share at UCT.

Please pray for the lady to come to the knowledge of Christ in her life.


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