Back at it!!!!

???????????????????????????????picture from the NLTC training

Whew!!! It’s hard to believe that the first month of the year is gone.  The last thing I remember was that I was excited for my first day at work for the year and the next moment, I’m looking at my phone and it says 1 February. Well, okay, not really. That’s not how it went down but it certainly feels like that’s how it happened.

We hit the ground running at our Western Cape office with planning and execution of our strategies. We started off with meetings about our ministry budgets, our plans and what we are trusting the Lord for in the coming year.

We also organised and hosted NLTC (New Living Training Curriculum) on the 24th January. This is where we work with leaders from universities, churches, and organisations to come for a Saturday training every alternating month. It is a great tool that encourages evangelism and discipleship within the spheres of leadership in different areas; so that solid foundation in the walk with Christ would be enriched and be dynamic.

Praise and Prayer Reports

Praise the Lord for yet another year in ministry

Praise the Lord for the partnership I have with you in my ministry

Please pray for God to use me ministry effectively


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