150 Lives Changed!!! The year that was in pictures

DCIM100GOPRO2014-04-11 16.53.33

We taught four classes at a High School which was one hundred and twenty kids altogether. We renamed our girls group and had open invitations to all of the girls in Bekele with our community group.

Prayingforprincipal2014-04-16 09.19.41

We had prayer walk around the school and prayed for the principal. It was a pleasure to teach the kids.


Interactive learning is what CrossRoads is about so I had to be active and we took our girls group out for Put-Put.


Sometimes the numbers were too large in our girls group so instead of seating in a circle we had to seat in rows. We partnered with Churches in Durbanville who had an initiative of praying together to bring revival in our country.

Praise Reports

I thank God for your support. No words could ever express how grateful I am.

I continually thank God for the partnership we have had this year together. Let’s continue doing more next year.

Please pray for another year where God will take glory for His magnificent work in people’s lives.



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