Preparing the grounds through prayer!!!

In front of the library steps at UWC
In front of the library steps at UWC
Talking with Raquel.
Talking with Raquel.

“I expected more land space. I didn’t think it would be a fully-fledged city,” said Raquel, an American student from Florida International University, about her expectations of Cape Town.  She is part of a team of students who are currently in South Africa for 5 weeks on a mission trip. This trip is organised by CCC in the US and is an annual mission’s trip for university students there. Raquel is on her first trip to Africa- one of many to come I suspect.

We went to pray at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), which is my alma mater. UWC is on a break for the June holidays. As the Western Cape team we went to do prayer walking -preparing the grounds for the next semester at the university. It was a wonderful time we had with the US team; we prayed, danced and sang declaring that the ground at UWC belongs to God.

It is because of a trip like this that I also gave my heart to the Lord. A team came while I was a student and one of the students shared the gospel with me. I knew soon afterwards that I wanted to ministry work…and here I am today!

Praise and Prayer Reports

Please thank the Lord for the team that is here for the mission trip.

Praise the Lord for the work that they do here for 5 weeks.

Please pray that the student’s lives are changed forever by this mission trip.


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