I am grateful for you!!!

Teaching and giving a Motivational Talk
Teaching and giving a Motivational Talk


I recently had a phone chat with my friend. She had been a faithful supporter and friend for a couple of years. But this year, due to financial constraints she had to pull out for a few months. She felt really terrible.  She wanted to support but she could not. She thought I didn’t want anything to do with her. I might be angry that she had stopped supporting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. My friend knows that at one point in her life she will also be in fulltime ministry. She felt bad about not being in ministry. She felt bad about not being able to support for a few months and she felt like she was just going with the wind aimlessly in her life.

I reminded my friend that there are two ways one can be in ministry. Its either you go or you send.  For three years she was able to send me to do ministry. The Lord did many things through me because she financially made it possible. Currently, I get to teach 150 kids a week because of ministry support. This number will increase to 220 next term. That is a lot of lives being changed; 220 youths who have their lives changed forever.  Youths who would never have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for my ministry partners. I also reminded my friend that the reward for the one who goes and the one who makes it possible to go is the same. John Piper puts it like this; “Go, send, obey.”  The good news is my friend is back on my team as ministry partner.  I was never mad at her. I didn’t want us to lose our friendship. I am glad we had a talk. I look forward to doing many more things in the Lord.

Praise and prayer reports; 

I am grateful for you who make it possible for me to be in ministry.

Please pray for fruitful, meaningful relationships with my ministry partners.

Please pray that I get to 100%. I am currently on 65%.




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