For the love of teaching!

2014-04-11 16.53.33

Twelve of our girls from the township of Bekele went out to send personal invitations to other girls in their community. They were glad to be getting a teaching from their lessons and wanted to share with the rest of their community. The invitations were to girls between ages 12-17.  We first had a name revamp for our Girls of God (GOG), formerly known as Women African Leadership in Khayelitsha (WALK).   The girls came up with the name.  This was a resounding success.  At our launch meeting we had thirty girls. And we continue to see them come every Friday.

One of the girls shared during our time that last year she did not go to school. She should have been in grade 10 but she is still doing grade 8. Since coming to GOG she has found a way back to living with a purpose and a dream for her life.  She had tears while sharing. Her story was an inspiration to all the girls who were listening to her.

Praise and prayer reports

Praise God for the girl’s initiative to go out and invite young people from their community.

Please pray for them to always have responsibility and initiative to be agents of change.

Please pray that I reach 100% of my ministry partner development.


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