Rosendaal High in Delft

With the Rosendaal High School principal
With the Rosendaal High School principal

We are excited about an opportunity this year to be working with Rosendaal High School in Delft. Starting this month, I will be working with a colleague from the States who is in South Africa on a 2 year STINT. We are both thrilled for this chance to work in Delft for another year. The principal of the school was kind enough to invite us to do our whole CrossRoads Strategy Development Plan. The Strategy Development Plan connects teachers and learners, parents and learners, learners to their peers, and in turn connects with the whole community.

I am particularly happy because it will be the first time that I will be doing the whole strategy plan. It will help us to work with the community of Delft, which at this point needs an intervention due to the diabolical violence that has hit the township in recent months.

Prayer Points

Praise God for the awesome opportunity to be at Delft one more year.

Please pray for the effectiveness of CrossRoads in Rosendaal High School.

Continue to pray that I will have more opportunities to share what I am doing with others who will want to partner with me!



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