Pray for the masses

??????????????????????????????? As CCC International, we have worldwide day of prayer two times a year. This is all the 191 countries where Crusade has ministry presence praying for 6-8hrs, resulting in 24hrs because of our different time zones. Each area can come up with different strategies or creative ways they want to pray. So our team decided to go to Manenberg. Manenberg has been on the news recently due to the gang violence that has become very rampant. It resulted in schools being closed because the shoot-outs were happening on the school grounds; the school governing body felt that the children and the teachers were not safe, so the schools had to be closed during exam time.

The Lord opened a way for us to be able to go to a police station. A local pastor of Manenberg told us that it was critical that we pray for the police station, as it represented a place of justice but it was where corruption has a foot hold. It was awesome to see the willingness of the staff of the police station being open to us praying for them. One lady in particular, whom I was praying for, told me that she wanted to receive the Lord in her life but did not know how. I asked her right then and there if she wanted to accept the Lord in her life. And she said yes; so I shared the Four Laws with her and she accepted the Lord in her life. He name is Bertha. It was such a highlight of our worldwide day of prayer. After the prayer I connected her to the local pastor so that she can attend his church.


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