Back to basics



“We should call it 1, 2, 3, 4 ….” said Rose, one of the WALK facilitators and also the Western Cape Team Leader.   The 1,2,3,4 refers to our evangelism tool called “4 Spiritual Laws.” We have had camps for four years with our girls at Bekele Township. This year it was in our hearts to expound more on salvation and assurance of salvation with them.  We truly care for them and want them to grow spiritually. But admittedly, some of us were questioning our commitment to the girls, how and if we were really making a difference in their lives.

Our theme for the last two years with them has been CrossRoads which focuses on the pillars of good character, so at the camp we looked at talking about assurance of salvation.  In our small groups I asked if anyone wanted to receive the Lord in their lives. To my pleasant surprise, all the girls in my group said they wanted to accept the Lord. When I told two other facilitators, they told me the same thing happened with their groups. It was with much joy and excitement that we realised all the girls who were at camp accepted the Lord in their lives. We were thrilled at what the Lord did in these girls’ lives.


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