“The Great Commission”

Staff Outreachat our monthly staff outreach

One of the most intriguing and thrilling tasks about working for Crusade is that every month we have to go out to the communities, universities and sometimes suburbia to share the gospel.  It is quite interesting to know that we do not rely on our capabilities in this. We rely solely on the power of the Holy Spirit to guide us as we talk to people.  It is a challenge, and I’m always up for one.

This month we set out with our Western Cape Team on our monthly evangelism outreach to the University of the Western Cape. There we met up with a young lady called Thembeka. She is doing her final year in Economics.  She is a passionate believer and is serious about her faith. But, Thembeka has never shared her faith with anyone on campus. So, I decided to give her a challenge that she shares her faith with someone on that very day we saw her; and I gave her the “Four Spiritual Laws.” She seemed quite keen, unfortunately I had to leave soon so I never went out with her; but I am excited to see what the Lord will do through her.


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