“The Campus Files”

We have had a US Team visiting us for the past 5 weeks. They come every year to South Africa for their annual Summer Missions’ trip. It’s always encouraging to learn about people who are willing to give up their summer holidays and come to minister to a people they don’t know.
Admittedly, due to my DMDP, I didn’t get to spend any amount of time with the students. But on their last trip to my alma mater, The University of the Western Cape, I decided to join in. It was at this point that I saw my colleague giving a talk about how the SA team will take over from what the US team has done. I was thinking about my very own testimony of how a similar team like this one came to SA 10 years ago and led me to my relationship with the Lord.
It was wonderful for me to go back to my former university and take a look at the students. To see their anticipation, their hungry eyes that were so thirsty for the gospel. Some of the people I talked to were really glad about the CCC style of evangelism, going to people and telling them about the Lord one-on-one. They find it impactful. One of the students whom I had a talk with was particularly excited about what is going to happen, and told me that she is glad to be part of the campus student team. This reminded me so much of my time as a student leader on campus, and I was really encouraged by her words – because just as the Lord used a team to reach me and now I am committed to reaching others, He can do the same with those He allows me to reach.


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