Street Dreams

 everybody born in the eighties and grew up in the nineties would never forget the hip hop classic by Nas. perhaps one of the greatest emcees to ever show up in the genre of hip hop music. a lyricist, a street preacher and social ills observer. but, i’m not interested in telling you about the life and times of Nas. all i’m interested in is the title name for the song. 

emcees have a way of speaking in double entatras/ dualistic meanings. they get you questioning things from an empirical point of view. no, i’m not talking about the garbage they feed us now and they coat it as hip hop. i’m glad i do not lend an ear to mainstream hip hop, but i enjoy the beautiful melodies of hip hoppers speaking with a divine intention and kingdom focus. 

street dreams is what i have . to build on the streets, to bring life to the streets, to educate the youth. street dreams is all other people have. they have nothing else. its encouraging to give focus to people who want to help the street dreamers. usually the street dreamers have no one else to help them get out of their own gutter. whether one is in a social, emotional, spiritual and economical gutter, our job is to help out the street dreamers to fulfil their dream. 

are you in the circle of helping street dreamers?


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