The enemy is the inner me

How many times have you heard someone say, ” The devil made me do it”? Too many times you will agree. How many times have times have you heard someone say. “I am being tempted by the devil”? You will also agree that its many times indeed.

I often wonder on the idols. What are they? The most common notion of idols is that of wooden images, the calf that the Israelites made, the image of gold that Nebuchadnezzar made, and so forth. This is the most common idea. And sometimes people will say money is an idol. In actual fact, the Bible says the love of money is a root of all evil, not the money itself.

Because of times that we live in people shudder at the thought that a car, a house, an ipad, a mac book air (or any laptops), sports, politics, music and many others could be idols. Before we move on, how much time do you spend on one or more of the things mentioned above? To some the lines become blurred when they have to talk about sports, such emotions that pop up. And others will say just about anything to win a debate about their political party of choice.  So then, ask yourself, could these things be idols in your life?

I ask you to ask yourself because I’m also on the same boat. A lot of the things that one gets to bring up are usually things that 1) they have dealt with, 2) they are dealing with 3) about to dealt with. I am not coming on this topic as one who is better than anyone. Not in the least. But I do want you to ponder on your inner self.

The inner self can delve into just about any thought. And, because no one sees a person doing it so they won’t be judged. As a people, a generation we need to build good character to be able to move away from bad thoughts which in turn become bad habits. The world is stake, our country is stake.

What you allow the inner self to be exposed to is important to get a check in. Is it really beneficial for your mind? Its a daunting task but a very crucial one. Think about the music you listen to, the movies you watch. I could go on.



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