“De Doorns WDOP”

“The valley is a doorway to the rest of Africa, no wonder the devil wants to destroy it by causing segregation,” said one of the De Doorns church leaders. These were heart piercing words as we listened to him.  A lot more comments came from people who were really concerned about the future of this vineyard rich town; as we had our Campus Crusade World Day of Prayer on the 23rd April.


Our prayer coordinator Sue Swanevelder and our Western Cape team leader, Rose Thompson, felt the leading of the Lord to have our team in De Doorns.    This gesture was inspired by the World Day of prayer that happened last year, where we drove past the town and felt such a heaviness to intercede for it. So Sue and Rose obeyed the Lord is having our prayer day there.

This was an anointed time in the presence of the Lord, local church leaders were invited to share what is in their hearts. They talked about the concern they had over the very rife strike that happened last year towards the end of the year.  For over a month last year, the strike made headlines on South African media where there were even violent protests.  The small town of De Doorns was facing the worst strike it has ever had, the town’s residents; even the church was at loggerheads.

After praying the whole morning after and afternoon, one of our teams in our prayer groups came back with a bag full of grapes. As they were passing by they were given this bag full by some farm workers. This was symbolic of the great harvest that is to come in the town of De Doorns.  I humbly ask that you pray for the town of De Doorns, for the Lord to do a miraculous thing within the community in bringing them together.



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