James 1: 17 says. “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

I often ponder on the things I deserve in life. Do I deserve that house, that car and that nice view in the office? Do I really? I think the most misunderstood conception in life is this. That we deserve all things beautiful, classic and  even happiness. I know for a fact that what I deserve I am not getting. I deserve death. I deserve condemnation. But God, in His mercy decided to give me life. I have what I have because I didn’t get what I deserve.

I think about my life, I realise I should have died years ago. But I am still here. I have made some terrible decisions that for sure guaranteed death. Yet, alas, I’m still breathing. That baffles me to the core. All I know is that I should be grateful, humbled at the very existence I still have.

So, the next time you argue in your mind that you deserve that promotion you worked so hard to get ask yourself, do you really deserve it? The next time you envy your friend for driving the latest model car and you are still stuck with the car that’s 5 years old ask yourself if you really deserve it. There are people who have nothing, absolutely nothing and yet they are the happiest people in the universe.  That has to be the most mind boggling idea to the materially privileged people.

My thoughts on a page, PEACE!!!!


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