“Knysna origins”

This past month on the 15- 19 March we went down to the Southern Cape to a town called Knysna for a CrossRoads TT (Teacher Training). It was the first CrossRoads training in Knysna and also in the surrounding areas. The TT was a result of a vision trip that CrossRoads cast last November. The attendance of the training was 29 trainees in total. Half of them were teachers and the rest community workers.

They were such an inspiring group of people. They were go-getters, and seemed like people who will definitely implement what they have learned. From the teachers to the community workers, this group of trainees seemed like the type of people who will go out and do what they were taught, despite of the fact that this was the smallest group of trainees CrossRoads has ever had. Please pray that they are able to implement the CrossRoads Curriculum in their respective spheres of influence.
If you are on Facebook please click “LIKE” on the page “CrossRoads” with the logo above for more information and pictures on the upcoming trainings.


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