“Go therefore”

One of the most rewarding, yet very challenging exercises is to go out to evangelise, especially one on one. As CCC, last month we set out to go share at the University of Cape Town.  This is a dynamic university, where diversity is very much what makes the university unique in its identity and structure. This diversity is also what makes it hard to penetrate, in terms of sharing the gospel.

We met with a young lady who grew up in a Christian home and now in her life has different views about Christianity. Since her reasoning has changed, she no longer believes in Jesus. She talks about Jesus as a “concept,” not a person with whom one can have a fulfilling relationship. We met with a lot more other people who disagree with our belief and witness.

 This is a place where the Lord will do His will through the seed that has been sown in this university. As the Word says that Paul planted, Apollos watered and God makes it grow.  It truly is an honour to be used in this work.  I thank you for an opportunity to be able to do this, and I humbly request that you pray for this young lady. Her name is Muthoni.



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