Unrequited Love

For a long time He wondered why His love was not reciprocated. He took His bride out of slavery. Because His love could not bear seeing her suffering. What did she do? She started complaining, wishing she could go back to the very slavery she came from. So an eleven day journey ended up being 40 years. Still His love was not quenched. He continued to have an insatiable love for this ungrateful, oblivious bride. He then sent prophets to warn her, telling her what to do in aid to return to Him. Did she listen? No. Instead she set her eyes on her own thing. She loved her idols. Her sad, fallen state was appealing to her.

So He devised a plan. Thinking for sure if she sees His love then she will turn back to Him. He sent His one and only Son. This was the ultimate sacrifice. This is truly an object of giving yourself off to show love. A big part of yourself is enough, the best part of yourself should surely be. Or so He thought. She recognised His love. His agape,  love in the purest form. But she could not respond. She has a choice but she doesn’t want to accept this love.

His unrequited, insatiable, pure, strong love still burns for her.

John 3:16


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