“Pamoja Africa”

I recently had an opportunity to go to a Campus Crusade for Christ conference called Pamoja Africa from 27 Dec- 2 Jan 2013. The word “Pamoja” is Swahili for together. The theme was “Give Me Africa.” It was addressing issues that are currently clouding the continent and how I can play a part in doing better. Over 2000 people from 32 African countries gathered at Covenant University, a university in Nigeria who played host to all who were present. This was a momentous third event in succession by the Campus Crusade visionaries, whose sole purpose for the event is to bring Africans together, and have them working together to bring intergity and change on the African continent. Campus Crusade has a programme called Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) , a two- year program which aims to train leaders for effectiveness in their spheres of influence. This was the first graduation as an accredited programme even though the group was the second intake. For me, the conference was truly a divine appointment as I learned so much and hope to get an opportunity to implement all I have learned. I am looking forward to playing a role, whether big or small in creating an atmosphere of integrity in my environment. Thank you for making it possible to attend this conference. I am truly grateful.


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