From silverwares to tupperwares. From silver spoons to tycoons. From heretics to apologetics. From being lost to dining with Most High. High ends and trash ends. We move. We all move somewhere. To riches. To rags. To education. To segregation. We move. Tailing things to leading things. Dashing, Spirited, confident, bold, flamboyant. We move.

Cracking what has been intimidating the mind seems to be order of the day. Such a travesty to see a 60 year old with a 20 year old mind. Whatever happened to–dashing– The street can be better than a home and home can be better than the street. Depends on who you have as your dashing, spirited, confident, bold, flamboyant teacher. Or not. If home is where the heart is then why do kids run away from home? Treasure, I hear treasure is to be treasured. So I treasure my treasure, who is Jesus.


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