Status Quo

I’m sitting in my bed and having a lot things going through my head. One of them is breakthrough.

~~At a breaking point, at a situation when one realises that they have done all they could in a situation and all their energy has been used up. Literally. At a point where the question that really goes through the mind is; “am I ever gonna get it?” The one thing that has been toiled for for years on end and one day, irritated by the heat, trying to get through the day, one asks a simple question. ~~

I am a sitting at the edge of my bed, thinking on the topic of breakthrough. It has permeated my thoughts for the past 5 minutes. It begs the question, what are the steps to a breakthrough? Is there any criteria to this? I am certainly relating to the scenario. It is momentous task to have to go through.

Grace and peace!


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