The regenerative mind is one that seeks to avoid a path that was taken before because that path may have been destructive. In most cases, it is a destructive path. The most intriguing path to regeneration is have to fumble through the ups and the downs and the weaknesses and the strengths of the whole process.

Going against habit is one of the tough things to do. You have to deny yourself of what you need at the present moment to achieve a greater good for either health or well being. A lot of people succeed at doing this, while others fail dismally. The failure is due to the low will power an individual may have.

Being regenerated is to be renewed and transformed. Transformed from an old pattern and renewed to a new pattern. This process cannot happen unless the sovereign power of God is at work within a person. Romans 12: 2 resonates very well with this notion of regeneration. I hope this is a desire that all of us have, to be regenerated.

Grace and peace!


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