“My parents are Christian, I guess I am too”

These are words uttered by a lady called “R”, during our last campus outreach at Stellenbosch campus on 31 July 2012. I was taken aback by her statement. I had heard before about this as a possible response but never heard it in my conversations with people. What got my attention was the ignorance in the response. And based on the response, it wasn’t easy to pin point whose ignorance this was; hers or her parents.  It then struck me; there are millions of people like “R”. They call themselves Christians based on the fact that they grew up going to church. Then it hit home. I was just like her. I used to call myself Christian because I was raised on the Christian stand point and views. It was what I was exposed to.  But, I understand that knowing about Christianity and attending church is not enough. One has to have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am glad to know that by the time we left the conversation she understood what it means to be Christian and that she must individually receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour. So, as our quest always is, we would like to offer people like “R” an opportunity to know Christ. I’m blessed to have such an opportunity of doing this.



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