June News

Last month was a start of my quest to work with a number of schools to do team teaching. A lot of the teachers are excited but don’t have an idea as to how to begin the lessons of the curriculum. I have made plans with a school in Langa to begin work with them on the third term.

In early February I spent a day with the Lord and He reminded me the term which He told me in 2008 that I’m an Urban Missionary. “Urban”, coined after the urban/pop culture of the youth.  This term is usually used for people involved with the music industry.  This is still related to ministry, and will be working with Christian artists. Therefore, as of May 2012 I have transitioned from Full-time Staff to be Associate Staff at Campus Crusade for Christ.

As an associate, I will continue with CrossRoads. This just means that I work fewer hours a week than I usually had been. So I will continue to have monthly newsletters to send to you. But right now kids are preparing to write June exams so the work will start on the third term.

I appreciate the support you have given to my ministry whether in prayer or financial or both. I wouldn’t have been able to have done what I have last year and the early part of this year without your continued support. I hope we continue in partnership for a time to come, working for the kingdom.

And when you pray!

 For the CrossRoads Curriculum start at schools the next term

To be able to work with more schools, currently I work with two


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