A person’s character can be either influenced positively or negatively. Personality cannot change. Character can. That’s why people like celebrities. Its not because of their character that they are liked/adored. Its because of their personalities. Some of them have really bad characters and they would still be liked. Some people have really good characters but they are not even noticed.

I have been recently asked by a friend whom  I have known for at least 8 years if I stole her money. I could have gotten very angry with her. I could have asked her how could she after knowing me for so long.  After all, we have known each other for almost a decade how could she pin this on me? But, I realise that on a daily basis, our character is influenced. Either for good or for bad. Its a big possibility that in the 8 years we have known each other I would have deteriorated to a point where stealing money would be one of the flaws I have developed.

I teach on character. I am interested in character too. One of the  “key concepts” we have on character is that it is consistently doing the right things, even at difficult situations. Fact is, I didn’t know she had money in her place. What placed me on the suspect list is that for a good ten minutes I was alone at her place.

I am glad though that my friend asked me this question other than another one of her other friends who would not have taken this very well. Honestly, to a certain point this implicates that she suspects I may be a thief. But, as she asked me that question I immediately thought of the importance of character. And that at times the very people we trust for years can turn to be strangers to us. Even the people we place in positions of leadership at times do disappoint us very badly.

I had a clear conscience when I was asked the question. I believe good character is needed in society and that it begins with me. I have to have personal integrity, and I work on that daily.


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