Purpose, Purpose, Purpose

I guess this word is ringing so much on my head that I can’t ignore it at the moment. This is by no means an attack on people or to push them to find out what their purpose is. If it does that, then good. But my attempt is to really make people have a focus on what comes natural to them in terms of career. For too long I have seen people do careers that have nothing to do with their talent. For too long they have sat in offices with absolutely no interest in what seems to be a job to them. And I think everybody knows that if one is not enjoying what they are doing, work rate is more than likely to drop or stay low because there is no motivation to go to work, or stay at work.

But, there must be an intervention of some sort. With that being said, people tend to have complacency sickness. Another stumbling block to success. Another wall that stands between a person and a taste of purpose. So, when intervention happens it fosters a person to do an introspection on self and what brings complete joy in them. With introspection comes purpose. I truly believe all of us were created to have a purpose. But, due to complacency and sometimes  laziness some of us end up not able to define what that purpose is and ultimately live an unfulfilled, unsatisfied life.

These short posts are aimed at increasing an awareness to purpose. An awareness that awakens a person to start living in a sense. Find out what yours is.




One thought on “Purpose, Purpose, Purpose

  1. I LOVE this post Nyameka!! I think that a lot of people do not live their purpose is that they are afraid to fall. Most know what they want to do, but the risk involved scared the life out of them! lol I would love if you visited my blog as well! http://www.brich4life.com (Helping people to find their purpose is my purpose!)

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