When He leads you

I love it when the Lord, not myself is orchestrating matters. He opens doors that no one can shut, and He shuts doors no one can open. At most times, we are so tempted to go ahead and do things on our own without consent from the Lord. This is where we get it wrong.

I have just been shown, after time and time again how He directs a person’s path and how He blesses obedience in the direction. I am truly in awe. I thank Him for the gift of obedience and I thank Him for blessing obedience. The Lord clearly states that obedience is better than sacrifice and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. I am so glad that despite my fleshly desires to be in control, I surrendered myself under His care and direction.

He sees it when a person goes against what they have known and done for years. When you let go of what you know and decide to follow the Lord He shows up in a big way. He loves principle not people. So He does not do anybody any favours. That’s the Lord that I serve and worship.


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