Returning To Holiness!

Our Western Cape office recently had a day of prayer where we shifted the focus from ministry to self. It was a moment of self-introspection and reflection towards our relationship with God.  For this prayer there was a book prescribed to focus on. The title of the book is; “Returning to Holiness” by Dr Gregory Frizzell. If you can get this book for yourself I suggest you do.

Because we are a people who do ministry, it is automatically assumed that our relationship with the Lord is intact. This always brings me back to Luke10:38-42. This is a story of Martha and Mary, who were sisters.

The mistake I have often heard by people is that Martha was busy with secular things. In fact, Martha was busy serving the Lord; she was not busy with inquiring from the Lord. Her sister Mary was at the feet of Jesus.

In most cases this story becomes parallel with those people who have given their lives to working for the Lord. A lot of times people are Marthas, instead of being Marys. So this day of prayer reminded me of that story. This was a time to basically sit at the feet of Jesus. What an experience it was.

I love Psalm 139:23, 24 where David asks the Lord Himself to search him. To find out if

there is any wicked way in him so that the Lord will lead him in the way everlasting. Many a time we block fellowship with the Lord because we don’t breathe spiritually. CCC calls this to inhale and exhale. In other words, repentance (exhale) and the Word (inhale). My disciple and I have embarked on a journey of returning to holiness with this book.  It is ideal for a discipleship material.


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